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A.I.D.A ( Australian Irish Dance Association)

New Enrolments Always Welcome

New Enrolmentments Always Welcome



 The Three Crowns School of Irish Dancing


 Our aim is to inspire a passion and love of Irish dance in a family-orientated enriched environment. Our classes encourage and promote self-confidence, self discipline, values of respect and cooperation. We hope to train our students with an unparalleled knowledge from both performance and competition styles of Irish Dance. Our dancers will practice the technique of Irish dance in a fun learning environment allowing them to make lifelong friends and fall in love with Irish dance while realising their potential.

The True Passion of Ireland

Eleanor Rooney

Irish Dancing has taken Eleanor all over the world.

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Our instructor Eleanor is from Limerick City, Ireland and has been dancing for 20 years.

Eleanor has danced professionally all over the world prior to taking her T.C.R.G (Irish Dancing Teachers examination) and moving to Perth.

Eleanor wants to pass on her passion and love for Irish dancing and to give other students the opportunity to experience what she has through Irish dance.

ELEANOR - " I've danced all over the world doing what I love, performing on amazing stages in front of thousands of people - Thanks to IRISH DANCE "

Eleanor has danced in prestigious theatres in countries all over America, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and back to her home city in Ireland, performing both troupe and solo lead roles. Finishing touring in 2014, Eleanor is now perusing her passion of teaching. 

Benefits of Irish Dancing

There is more to Irish dancing than meets the eye. People are attracted to Irish dancing for many reasons, many are drawn in by the lively music while others thrive on the physical exertion or the beauty of the movement. Some were inspired by Riverdance, most dancers enjoy the social side and others love the excitement of competition. Whatever the dancer’s reasons, the benefits of Irish dance are numerous

Dancers benefit from:

  • Improved confidence due to their time on stage and recognisable improvements in their performance.
  • Better stamina, co-ordination and levels of fitness due to the physical nature of their hobby
  • Improved social skills as they meet people with whom they share a common interest. Whether that’s class mates, fellow performers or competitors from all parts of the city, state, and country.
  • Self-Esteem
  • Improved practical skills from listening and remembering steps that will help dancers do their best of physical and technical abilities.
  • And finally, improved family relationships, as Irish dancing gives families the opportunity to spend time together at the weekend attending feisanna and performances.
  • Promoting Irish Culture

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Classes and private lessons are starting in 2019 and Pre-Enrolments are welcome.